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Penguin tours supporting conservation

The Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust and the West Coast Penguin Trust have teamed up to bring you these stunning behind the scenes fundraising tours, led by the hugely experienced Nature Quest, for our supporters.

Two trips are planned, departing from Nelson on 3rd and 16th September and have optional extensions through the Catlins and to Stewart Island.

Whichever spring departure you choose, you’ll gain unforgettable insights in the lives and challenges of our beloved penguin species, state of the art Tawaki, Kororā, and Hoiho research, and unrivalled access to the dedicated staff that make everything happen. And, of course you’ll see each species in its natural habitat, and all the while travelling through the spectacular South and Stewart Islands.

This is a fabulous opportunity for penguin lovers and a fabulous opportunity for the Trust to be involved.

Find out more including the itinerary here: Nature Quest Penguin Trusts Fundraising Trips 2021, and you can contact Nature Quest via or on 021 680 524.



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