Environmental benefits

Coastal habitat replanted by the Trust also benefits the greater biodiversity of the area.

Other wildlife species

As well as providing prime penguin nesting habitat, the Trust’s reserves also support New Zealand fur seals, New Zealand sea lions, numerous seabird species, rare coastal plant communities and small remnants of native forest. Lizards are attracted by species such as Coprosma tayloriae and totara planted out in the Trust’s habitats.

Coastline and soil conservation

Dune grasses have been one of the Trust’s proudest success stories. The Trust accepted the daunting challenge of restoring the sand dunes of the Tavora Reserve with the native pikao/golden sand sedge (Ficinia spiralis) – grown at its nursery – to replace the invasive exotic marram grass.

The dune systems at Tavora and Okia Reserves are dynamic and the amount of sand comes and goes according to a natural process.

Water quality

Water quality and the environment for native fish and aquatic insects can both be improved by fencing off waterways and planting the riparian margins.


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