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The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust is registered with the Charities Commission, Number CC22822. Unspecified donations for the work of the Trust are greatly appreciated all year round.You can make donations either:


Using the donation form on our EverydayHero page


Send it to the Trust Office at PO Box 724, Dunedin, 9054

Bank transfer

Bank: SBS Bank
Bank Address: Dunedin Branch, George Street, Dunedin
Account Name: Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
Account Number: 031355 0549558 00

Overseas donations

Overseas donations can be made via credit card or cheque. Simply send us your own personal cheque, and we will have it exchanged for New Zealand currency at that particular day’s exchange rate. You can also pay directly into our bank account above using the Swift Code: WPACNZ2W

Tax rebates

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust is listed with ‘donee organisation status’ under Section LD3 of the Tax Act 2007, and is registered with the Charities Commission, Number CC22822. Therefore donations and subscriptions made to the Trust over $5 are eligible for a tax rebate (Section KC 5(4) of the Income Tax Act 1994).


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