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2019 NZ Bird Conference – Wellington

Saturday 1st – Monday 3rd June 2019 – Brentwood Hotel, Kilbirnie, Wellington

This 80th celebratory conference aims to continue the fine work of previous events in making this the premier New Zealand conference for the communication of new research findings on New Zealand birds and for providing opportunities for discussion and networking for professional ornithologists, students and others who are interested in birds and their habitats.

We look forward to presenting several keynote lectures of a diversity of topics, including Wellington birds, Auckland Islands, old bones and ancient DNA, genetics and taxonomy, physiology and reproduction, and seabirds. We hope that a range of shorter talks will describe studies on a wide range of topics and in doing so we look forward to bringing together researchers and all who are interested to share their knowledge and findings to make this conference a dynamic, informative and memorable event.

The conference will comprise two days of scientific presentations and five field trip options. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon, 1st June.


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10th International Penguin Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand

Saturday 24th – Wednesday 28th August 2019

The International Penguin Conferences (IPC) are the primary gathering of the world’s leading scientists, research managers and policy makers working on penguin biology, ecology, health and behaviour to discuss ongoing research, identify current and emerging conservation issues and create action plans. It’s a unique opportunity to bring together disparate groups of people with a common interest in penguins; the connections they make have often proved most fruitful and have led to some exciting collaborations.

The 10th International Penguin Conference will be held in the St David Theatre Complex of the University of Otago and will begin with an icebreaker the evening before. The proposed key themes for this conference are (but are not limited to): Fisheries interactions; Climate Change; The role of indigenous people (perspectives from different cultures) and Diseases.

There are optional field trips offered and a conference dinner will be held on the last night.


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