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Hoiho for Bird of the Century 2023!

Join us for a relay around the Caledonian Track, Logan Park, Dunedin to run as many laps as there are penguin nests in the 23/24 nest counts, at 5pm, Saturday 11 November 2023.

Dress up as a penguin, wear your favourite yellow t-shirt or make your own VOTE Hoiho Mask, or thrown on your normal jogging gear, and come celebrate this iconic Dunedin species with us.

We will have Churros Olé joining us to help keep everyone’s energy levels high throughout the event.

Hoiho could be the world’s rarest penguin, with less than 170 nests left on mainland Aotearoa. They are in serious trouble, if nothing is done to reverse the current decline, scientists predict they could be extinct from the mainland within decades.

Local hoiho conservation groups are finishing their nest counts for the 2023-2024 season and soon we will have official nest numbers.

Visit the Bird of the Year website and vote for hoiho and check out our event page on Facebook!

Share this event with your friends and whanau, get your penguin outfit sorted, and don’t forget to vote hoiho for Bird of the Century!


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