The Yellow-eyed
Penguin Trust

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YEP reproductive study

Melanie Massaro and Alvin Setiawan, research students from Otago University, 2000-2001 This year the Trust has sponsored two PhD students to study reproductive success in yellow-eyed penguins. Both students will be based on the Otago Peninsula, studying the resident penguin population there. Melanie Massaro will investigate biological and behavioural factors related to reproductive success, while…

Stewart Island census 1999-2000

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust has completed the first comprehensive baseline survey of yellow-eyed penguin nest numbers on Rakiura/Stewart Island. The Trust’s aim was to have a complete up-to-date survey of the whole island. Survey results show a decreased population of yellow-eyed penguins on Stewart Island, with results totalling only an estimated 200 breeding pairs. In…


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