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A Christmas gift with a difference

Another pair of socks just wont cut it this Christmas so we’re calling on you to give a gift of a different kind!

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust needs your help to continue our work to save the endangered yellow-eyed penguin. Select one of our ‘gifts’ from the options, make your donation to the Trust and receive a certificate to gift to your friend or family member at Christmas.

Donate a tree: $6 per tree
Yellow-eyed penguins need trees and shrubs for shade and shelter. The Trust grows approximately 5000 plants at our nursery each year which are then planted to help re-establish the coastal habitat of yellow-eyed penguins.

Sponsor a trap: $45
Introduced mammalian predators pose a serious threat to all New Zealand animals including penguins. Predation from invasive mammals is managed via trapping at all Trust owned and managed reserves.

Buy a 1 year gift membership: $20
Members of our supporters group receive updates about our conservation efforts that not only helps the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, but also benefits other coastal flora and fauna.

Help us help hoiho this Christmas

Make a donation: $open
Donations to the Trust are used to fund a variety of conservation programmes we run including predator control, habitat conservation, research projects, education and our native plant nursery.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t leave your Christmas shopping ’till the last minute this year, choose your gift and make a donation today.


The fine print
We’ll send your gift certificate to the email address you provide on the form when you complete your donation.
If you have any questions, send us an email at 


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